A book titled Agrarian Question: A Short Reader by Prof. R.V.Ramana Murthy, Professor at School of Economics, University of Hyderabad has been published by Aakar Publishers, New Delhi.

Agrarian transformation is an important discourse in the agrarian capitalist development with a protracted scholarship developed over last one century. The agrarian question is understood as a process of transformation of agrarian sector towards capitalist mode, transforming older modes of production, producing surplus for the capitalist farmers, dispensing petty producers, and producing surplus for the industrial sector. This is accompanied by a structural transformation in income and occupational terms that happened successfully in developed countries and remained a frustrating and an incomplete process for the post-colonial countries. The agrarian crisis to agrarian poverty have become endemic symptoms of this structural problem. The political & economic conditions of the contemporary times poses a considerable challenge for political economists to explain this impasse. The literature on this topic is vast and voluminous.

Prof. R.V.Ramana Murthy

This volume brings 16 short summaries of selected works on agrarian question in the Indian and global context, to give a quick understanding young scholars and students working on agrarian issues. It covers the most standard works on the issue spread over 100 years.

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