The University of Hyderabad Campus School conducted various activities during the academic year 2019-20. Here is the brief report on the activities performed by the students till date.


Active participation of the students and teachers takes place every morning in the assembly in a very planned way focusing on various aspects like a skit on Healthy food Vs Junk food, Counting by 10’s, Sense organs, Modes of Transport, National Anthem in Sign Language, National Symbols etc.


All the classes are provided with computers where e-learning takes place to encourage the value of team work and to express their ideas creatively in multiple ways.

            It also develops the art of presentation, speaking skills and constructive knowledge. It makes learning a joyful experience.

  • Co- Curricular Activities

The class room activities like finger printing, vegetable printing, block printing, reel printing, magic printing, collage, origami, Best out of waste, Herbarium, preparation of greeting card, kite, rakhi, pop-up cards, finger puppets etc helps the students to develop, co-ordination skills, management skills, creativity and team integrity.

            Many students bagged Gold medals and cash prizes in Inter School National Colouring competition.

  • Extra- Curricular Activities on Saturday

On every Saturday, students are trained by a resource person and teachers in various activities like aerobics (dance), yogasanas (Surya Namaskaras), gymnastics (Formations-Pyramid, Floor Exercise, Still Rings, Vault etc) which contributes in developing co-ordination, flexibility, strength, fitness and endurance.

          In addition to it, students learn English grammar songs, Sanskrit slokas and songs and they are also given practice in spoken English focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students were taken on field trips to gain practical knowledge.

  • Streams of Music

Various Streams of music like Classical, Western, Folk and Light music are learnt by the students which helps them to develop language, creativity, confidence, memory and lyrical sense.

            Students are encouraged to play instruments such as Base Drum, Congo, Snare Drum, Tambourine, Maracas and Keyboard. We have school choir who also play the percussion instruments in all school functions and in daily assembly.

  • Christmas celebrations – 2018

  Joy to the World!!!

          Students celebrated Christmas with grandeur. The Christmas play, that depicted the birth of Jesus Christ, was a beautiful experience to the students and ignited the spirit of sharing and caring.

  • Sankranthi Sambaralu – 2019

The little ones dressed up in traditional attires and took part in a row of cultural activities enthusiastically.

            Students came together to brighten up the place with “Bhogimantalu”. With “Sankranthi Sambaralu” as the theme a drama and dance were presented by the students.

  • Republic Day Celebrations – 2019

The Republic day was celebrated with great enthusiasm, where the National flag was unfurled and all the students participated in different events like patriotic dances, patriotic songs, drill display, Yogasanas and speeches related to the national festival. Many parents attended the programme and enjoyed their wards performances.

  • Dental Camp in the U H Campus School

                    Dental Camp was conducted in the school in the month of February 2019. Dentists from Profile Dental Care checked the students and gave few suggestions on prevention of tooth decay and scaling. Feedback was given to the parents for follow up.

  • Felicitation to Mrs. Bhavani on 20.03.2019

The students, staff and parents felicitated Mrs. V. Bhavani, on the occasion of her superannuation. We express our sincere gratitude to her for her uncommon contributions in realizing the educational programmes and development of the school.

  • Foundation Day Celebrations – 2019

On School Foundation Day, new play equipment was inaugurated. This is the special day when the entire school family has a chance to reflect not only the inceptions of the school and its founders, but also on the significant development.

  • Independence Day Celebrations – 2019

All the students participated in different events like patriotic dances, patriotic songs, drill display, Aerobics, Gymnastics, Yogasanas and speeches related to the national festival. Many parents attended the programme and enjoyed their wards performances. The Chairperson, Prof. V. Seshu Bai (Chairperson, SMC) was the chief guest.

  • Inauguration of Computer Lab on 15th August

The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Prof. P. Appa Rao, inaugurated the computer lab on 15th August’19.

            The Power Point Presentations prepared by the teachers helped the students to test and revise their academic knowledge. These PPTs inspire and motivate the students to gain additional information beyond academics.

  • Teachers’ Day Celebrations -2019

On Teachers’ Day, the Chairperson, SMC, Prof. V. Seshu Bai was the Chief Guest and was felicitated by Prof. M. Varalakshmi, the guest of honour and one of the SMC members.

            On this occasion students performed dances, sang songs and gave speeches.

          In addition to this, Fancy dress , Literary and Sports competitions  are also held in connection to Children’s Day. Students will be taken to a local trip to “Shilparamam”.

             Gandhiji said, “Education is for all round development of the students”. We, the teachers of the Campus School have conducted all these activities as we strongly believe in the above quotation.

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